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First let me say I don’t write reviews in general. It’s just not something I do but this company is truly amazing and they really deserve more than just a good review. They went so far above and beyond what was required of them in the contract to make sure that I was happy with everything and I couldn’t be more pleased with their work. They were extremely professional but also extremely friendly. After the original installation there were a few issues and they came back immediately to fix them. In fact when I called and left a message late Saturday afternoon when they were closed, “Little Mike” called me back within 5 minutes offering to come over immediately to try and diagnose the problem although I know he was home with his family at the time. They also did work that was not covered in the contract and I was not charged one cent extra. I’m sure they lost money on my job but they never made me feel like I was a burden or that I was being difficult to please. They spent about a day and a half extra after the original installation making sure the job was done right including replacing and upgrading the brand new unit they had just installed. Not once during that time did they act annoyed or frustrated, you could genuinely tell the only thing they wanted in the end was a happy customer. Once all the work was finished they checked back with me several times to make sure that everything was working properly and that I was satisfied. You just can’t find companies that run their businesses like this anymore. I know if it had been any other a/c company I would have been charged an arm and a leg for all the extra work they did, if I could get them to come back at all. This company has had a great reputation for a long time and now I know why. A huge thanks to “Little Mike” and the wonderful crew at Clean Air Systems, they truly are one of a kind business.

Robin Menasco

Mike came to our personal home today, checked out our systems, and make recommendations to keep our home cool and moisture/mold free. We learned a lot today, and look forward to having them come back ASAP to implement his plan.

Judy Melton Candella

I have used Clean Air Services several times before and have been happy with the work which is why I called to have them complete a fall servicing on my heat pump. The tech arrived on time and was polite. I was disappointed that he did not don any kind of overshoe overshoe while in the house either before or after working on the compressor unit. Additionally, and personally most importantly, he did not bring the required(?) cleaning solution to clean the outside coils. I have asked about the solution on other servicing calls and the tech talks up the solution as a special aluminum safe cleaner. Most parts cleaners will corrode aluminum and cause leaks and coil failure. The two main functions for me to request the call were: to clean the coils and check coolant levels prior to putting the house up for sale. This tech only used water and said that unit was not that dirty. My expectations were not met.

Follow up post: J J came out to the house and apologized for the service I received a few days earlier. He informed me the tech that was here on Friday has been talked to regarding planning for service calls and keeping his van stocked with equipment and supplies. The outside unit has been cleaned and produced a measurable amount of dirt.
The speed of the response was appreciated as was the follow-up house call.

Kevin Smith

We had an appointment already booked, when their office had a cancellation. They reached out asking if we could reschedule two weeks early. The crew arrived at 8:00 am as scheduled. Crew chief, JJ, introduced the crew members which I thought showed real class. He reviewed what the they were about to do and compared that to our quote. Liked that, no surprises we were all on the same page. Then the got to work. Covered floors and furniture with drop cloths. And, vacuumed when the job was done too. Great service. Very professional. The before and after pictures speak for themselves.

Mark Mabini

The Clean Air Crew is top notch! They have the equipment and the know how to do it right! Highly recommended!

Richard Laird

A great heating and a/c company that shows and has a concern for the customer first instead of the mighty Dollar! Good people that keep parts on the truck for repairs!!! Lil Mike was GREAT and the Service was just as good. Thank you for such a professional!!!

Dan Shipp

Awesome company and great service. Very professional

Tyler Mitchell

Phenomenal workers with great integrity. They listen to your concerns and address them, cordially and respectfully.

Iris Johnson

Repaired A/C and by the time they left, the house was so much cooler. Love these guys!!!!!

Darron Harper

I have used Clean Air for 4 years. They are extremely professional. I won’t trust my HVAC with any other business.

Alyssa Elledge