Aeroseal Ductwork

Leaky ducts create a dusty home. Pollutants from unconditioned spaces get sucked into your ducts, leaving you with dust and poor air quality. Sealing your air ducts is important to your family’s health and well-being.

Most people assume that furnace filters are enough to collect the dust circulating inside their home. Yet, many fail to realize that a leaky duct system will cause them to replace filters at a faster rate. More importantly, unsealed ducts bring in humidity from unconditioned spaces, which causes comfort issues and even mold growth.

Using a process called Aeroseal, we increase your home’s indoor air quality, helping to eliminate dust, allergens, odors, and humidity coming from unconditioned spaces like the attic or crawlspaces. You notice an immediate difference in the airflow in your home and up to 30% savings on your energy bills.

To read more about this process, download this helpful Aeroseal Informational PDF.