Helpful Summertime Tips

Here are 5 tips for your air conditioner during the summer:

  1. DO NOT RUN YOUR SYSTEM IN THE “ON” POSITION. Always have your system on Auto!!!!
  2. Change your filter regularly. For 1″ filters, change every month. For 2″ filters, change every 3 months. For April Aire 4″ filters, change once a year. Depending on how much traffic and animals you have, this can vary.
  3. Go outside and find the drain line. If water is coming out clear, then you are okay. If the water is a milky or slimy consistency, then you need to pour some bleach down your drain line.
  4. Make sure your ceiling fans are in summer mode and not winter mode. In summer mode you can feel the air blowing on you.
  5. Keep all doors open to all your rooms. The air that your AC supplies is the air that needs to get back to the return.
  6. If you continue to have AC issues, please call us at (318) 869-0344.