Do I Need a Furnace Tune Up Every Year?

The furnace tune up checklist is an overlooked part of home maintenance for some homeowners. Many wonder if it’s really necessary to have a tune up performed each year. This is a common question, especially if their furnaces seem to operate just fine or if they’re relatively new.

The truth is, your furnace experiences wear and tear over the course of a heating season. Operation puts stress on components, and eventually hinders system performance. This decreases reliability and efficiency. Even though you didn’t notice an issue last year, if you skip maintenance you may when you turn your furnace on this year.

Unmaintained furnaces typically experience more repair needs and don’t last as long as those who receive annual furnace tune up checklist care. Owners of neglected furnaces are at risk of more frequent repair bills, higher energy bills, and far less comfort.

Finally, many manufacturers require regular maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician as a condition of the warranty. Don’t lose warranty coverage due to equipment neglect!

Clean Air Systems of LA, Inc. skilled HVAC technicians perform thorough heating system maintenance on all types of equipment, including furnaces, ductless and heat pumps. Our comprehensive furnace tune up checklist ensures all system components receive the attention they need to safely and properly operate.

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